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The Alden Stables has known a stunning season end with the participation of Alain Provencher and Ricci at Grand Prix level at NEDA Fall Festival competition at Saugerties in the State of New York!! With a fourth and second place in the Grand Prix division, we couldn't be more happy with the performance of our team for whom it was only the 3rd participation at the Grand Prix level. Thank you to all the team who supported us by joining us on the show ground to help and celebrate. Also, we can't forget those at home who tookcare of the horses, while being in constant contact with us (thanks to the technology that keeps us connected anywhere!!!).The collaboration of all is part of our success!!!


NEDA Fall Festival 2015. What fun together in this wonderful competition!!

The gang is raring to go for next competition season including young horses in full development ready to join the team, the winter looks intense for training !!! To be continued ….



The competition to St-Apollinaire allowed Stephanie Belisle and Gladiator to get another championship in training level with 4 first places with a score of 71,731%. Gladiator has completed his first competition season by winning the championship in each of his participation making his owners David Labrecque and Gilles Poulin very proud of him. His wardrobe of blankets is very well stocked!! What extraordinary performance throughout this season for this young 5 year old horse !! What else can be said !!! Congratulations to Stephanie and Gladiator for their good work !!


Caroline Genois and Kigali are no to be outdone, they demonstrated their tenacity in completing their first competition season in Level 3 by providing a best performance of the season to the delight of their many fans !! We are all very proud of Caroline and Kigali !! Their performance reflects the result of the efforts and determination well rewarded and deserved!!


AUGUST 15 & 16, 2015

 The least we can say is that the weekend at Beaulieu Dressage Classic was very emotional for the Alden Stables' team….

Our attractive Ricci is beginning his career at the Grand Prix Level with his rider and trainer Alain Provencher. They completed the weekend with a score of 62.3% and the Reserve Championship to the delight of the entire fan club who came to encourage them. Thank you all for your presence (Sylvie and Hervé, Pierre and Johanne, Marie-Josée and Pierre, Michel and Manon, Stephanie, Caroline and Jean-François and our good friends from St-Lazare, Linda Pepin, Pierre Bouvier and Zak !!! WOW

Caroline Genois and her beautiful Kigali who are in their first year at level 3 were able to play their cards beautifully by showing a Kur which earned them a second place with a score of 61,689%. Great performance throughout the weekend with an increase in scores to reach 62,692% and a sixth place during the fifth class Sunday afternoon in sweltering heat ... Congratulations, the Alden’s fans are very proud of the Caro-Kigali team !!!


It was also a first, far from home for Gladiator in the Gold level competition. Gladiator and her rider Stéphanie Bélisle demonstrated their talent and ability to stay focus with a humidity over 40 degrees. Phew! that is very hot. Nothing less than the adult Training Championship, resulting in two first place and two second place and with a score of 73,913%. Fantastic, it promises for the future !!!. Gilles Poulin and David Labrecque the owners have every reason to celebrate with champagne !!!!!!!!!!!!!






Thank you team and it's not over!!!!


Thanks to the organization of Bellisa Stables for the bronze dressage show which was held on August 9. A great organization with Mother Nature finally deciding to participate in the success.

We are very proud of the participation of our two riders Caroline Genois and Stephanie Belisle. Congratulations to Caroline and Kigali who continued their strong performance in level 3 by adding the presentation of a Kur for the first time. The team delighted the audience during their three performances.

Also, congratulations to Stephanie Belisle and her young five year old partner Gladiator who was competing for the first time outside his home. First place in the two training level class, championship for the adult training level and the highest score of the day with 76.09%. Great achievements!!! Congratulations to the owners Gilles Poulin and David Labrecque !!!



Gladiator et Stéphanie


                           Caroline et Kigali                          


JUNE 2015

Alden Stables is proud of their riders who participated at the competition; “concours itinérant”  which was held June 13 & 14 in the Quebec City area.

Stephanie Belisle and her five year old partner Gladiator won the training level Championship with scores  of 75.38% and 73.26% !!! Wow, such a great achievement for this team at their first particpation in a dressage ring. Also, congratulations to the owners, David Labrecque and Gilles Poulin (Gilo) !!

Caroline Genois and the beautiful Kigali continue their strong performance in the 2015 season by winning the Reserve Championship at level 3 with scores of 63.24% and 62.18%.

Also, Michel Chartrand and his mount, Olympe de Beauvallon, won the Championship at level 2 with scores of 64% and 63%. Great success for a jumping team!!!.


            Caroline Genois & Kigali                        Stéphanie Belisle & Galdiator


Michel Chartrand & Olympe


MAY 2015

Congratulations to Caroline Genois and Kigali for good results and winning the reserve championship at the "Classique de Dressage 1 & 2".  This is a first participation at level 3 for this team !!

Congratulations also, to Isabelle Lépine and Vivaldi for their championship at level 1 open!!